Fereydunshahr Ski Resort

Fereydunshahr Ski Resort is one of the international Iranian ski resort and not only placed at the middle of Iran but located near to Isfahan city.

Fereydunshahr (فریدون شهر- fe-rey-dun-shahr) city is positioned within 195 km of Isfahan city.

Most of Inhabitants in this city speak ancient Georgian language because they had come from Georgia during “First Shah Abbas” (شاه عباس اول) reign as first king of Safavid dynasty and he brought few Georgian people after war as prisoner and now its population figure is about 35,000 number.

The ski season starts from December until March every year in this area and this ski resort established on 2004.

This region is a part of Zagros Mountains and Fereydunshahr ski resort is at an altitude 2800 meters to 3050 meters.

Setaple (ستپله- se-tap-le) hunting prohibited area is beside Fereydunshahr ski resort and Poneh Zar (پونه زار- pu-ne-zaar) waterfall is located at 18km to west direction of this region.

Iranian ski would recommend that spend your time to visit area around ski resort as other attractive destinations.

Naser-e-din shah (ناصرالدین شاه- Na-ser-e-din shah) was one of the Qajarian kings who spent some times for hunting in this area and believed that this area has good potential to hunting.

Fereydunshahr ski resort has restaurant, cafe which contains Iranian traditional food.

Working time: Sunday and Tuesday from 14:00 PM to 16:30 PM – Thursday and Friday from 9:00 AM to 16:00 PM.

Fereydunshahr Ski Resort Price

In fact, Skiing price includes chairlift transfer fee; so Tele cabin (chairlift) transfer price is about 400,000 RLS/ per person.

Food price depends on your choices but it starts from 300,000 RLS up to 700,000 RLS for each portion.

Ski equipment rental price is about 400,000 RLS to 700,000 RLS per day.

It is possible to use ski school and trainers option by 500,000 RLS for a day.

Flight price from Tehran to Isfahan is about 2,090,000 RLS to 5,000,000 RLS per person and depends on airline as well as your flight date and it’s better to reserve your flight in advance.

Bus ticket price from Tehran to Isfahan city is about 400,000 RLS.

Train ticket from Tehran to Isfahan is about 500,000 RLS per passenger.

Most of buses are VIP as Scania or Volvo brands and it has 25 chairs in each buses.

Fereydunshahr Hotel /Hostel

Sopel (ساپل- Sa-pel) hotel is located on west Kaveh (کاوه غربی) Street in Fereydunshahr city and you can check in at 14:00 PM every day and you have to check out every day before 12:00 PM.

Hotel room price is about 1,650,000 RLS/ for one double bed room.

Hotel Phone number: 0098-71-36258025/ 0098-9176015053

It is likely to stay in Fereydunshahr city with various options for both hostels and hotels as well as couchsurfing.

Accessibility to Fereydunshahr

There are 3 different types of transportation from Tehran City to Isfahan city.

Firstly, buy flight ticket and come through Mehrabad Airport in Tehran to Shahid Beheshti airport in Isfahan in less than 1 hour.

Furthermore, it is possible to come Isfahan international airport directly from abroad.

Secondly, take a bus from South Terminal of Tehran to Isfahan then take a taxi to Fereydunshahr Ski Resort.

South terminal of Tehran has accessibility through “Payaneh Jonoub (پایانه جنوب- pa-yaane-jo-nub) metro station (line 1- red color).

It is possible to use Beyhaghi (بیهقی – Bey-Hagh-ghi) bus terminal as north terminal of Tehran to go to same destinations and Beyhaghi bus terminal is positioned near to Argentina Square and the nearest metro station is Mosala Imam Khomeini (مصلی امام خمینی - mo-sal-laa—imam- kho-mey-ni) which is located on line 1- red color.

There is some taxi from Mosala Imam Khomeini metro station to Argentina Square out of station.

Iran ski guide center would like to inform you there are minibuses and buses from Isfahan to Fereydunshahr city and it will takes about 3 hours also the price would be around 2,000,000 RLS for a charter car.

Iran tourism would suggest you to take a taxi from Isfahan to Fereydunshahr and if you are less than 4 people then you would share a taxi with other passengers.

You can access Fereydunshahr ski resort through Aligudarz (الیگودرز- ali-gu-darz) city Road or Sibak(سیبک)  village road to Chogyurt (چغیورت- chogh-yort) Village.

It is more convenient to take a taxi from Fereydunshahr City to Fereydunshahr Ski Resort; it is about 13 minutes by car and it will cost about 100,000 RLS (charter car).

Fereydunshahr Weather

Checking Fereydunshar Ski Resort weather is possible with bellow links:

We strongly suggest that check weather by calling to Fereydunshar ski resort before attending on there.

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