Tochal Ski Resort

Tochal Ski Resort or Tochal Complex has various amenities and great location which located on North of Tehran City.

There is an opportunity to ski or snowboarding there.

It has restaurant and hotel like other ski resort and it has a person chairlift line and one S rope-way lifts.

There are various types of restaurants from traditional to famous Iranian fast-foods brands.

Usually, the food price start from 250,000 to 500,000 RLS.

The ski area is about 1200 meters.

Accessibility to Tochal

Go North of Tehran in Velenjak area by Snapp or Tehran metro (get off Sadr Metro Station on line 1, red line and take a Snapp to Velenjak)

After that, on Velenjak complex is mini electrical buses which will go up to near Tele cabin (Gondola or cable car) station, then you have to buy ticket 450,000 RLS/per person for lifters up to 7th station but you have to pay 950,000 RLS/ per person for skiing in Tochal Ski Resort.

Iranian ski equipment is available to hire on this ski resorts.

Tochal complex Phone: +98 21 24 87 50 00

Tochal Hotel

This hotel has two storeys with 3 stars but it's location at an altitude 3545 meters make it unique as number one in the world.

It has 30 rooms, restaurant, billiard and table tennis.

Tochal hotel Tel: +98 21 22418000

Tochal hotel price: 2,910,000 RLS/one double bed room.

Tele cabin (Gondola or Cable Car)

Tele cabin Working hours: start from 7:00 AM on weekend then selling ticket will finish 13:00 PM for 7th station, finish on 14:00 PM for 5th station and finish on 14:30 PM for 2th station (Thursday and Friday), 8:00 AM other days then selling ticket will finish 12:00 PM for 7th station, finish on 13:00 PM for 5th station and finish on 13:30 PM for 2th station.

Moreover, end of working time is 16:30 PM except Thursday and Friday which end is 17:15 PM.

Note: all mentioned times for working hours during week are depends on weather situation, stations capacities and technical issues.

Télésiège (Chairlift)

Furthermore, Tochal ski resort has a Télésiège (Chairlift) line too which start working from 8:00 AM until 17:00 PM and it has about 1 kilometers length.

Télésiège price is 140,000 RLS/per person.

Tochal Ski Resort also has alpine coaster which is 250,000 RLS / per person and it is about 1420 meters’ length.

5D Cinema

It is possible to experience 5D dynamic cinema in Tochal area and this pleasant experience consist of 3D video plus seat movement and extra effects like wind.

The 5D cinema price is 150,000 RLS/ per person.

Tochal Ski Resort Weather

Iranian Ski strongly suggest that to check Tochal ski resort weather on Islamic republic or Iran ski federation website with following link before getting there:

Also, there are various sources to check Tochal ski resort weather before attending there such as and too but Iran tourism strongly suggest that check the weather with Tochal ski resort by make a call.

You can use “Zipline” Located in Health Road (Jaddeh-e-Salamati) of this complex from 10 AM up to 10 PM and experience the extreme limit of excitement.

(The ticket price for each person is 350,000 RLS.)

Archery Club

Archery Club located in Health Road “Jaddeh-e-Salamati” of this complex and you ask your question and extra information about it through bellow Telephone numbers:

Cell Phone: 0098-919-9234566, 0098-919-9038514

Office Telephone: 0098-21-22421508

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