Ab Ali Ski Resort

Ab Ali Ski Resort is located on Tehran City as well as very close to the Damavand  (دماوند- da-maa-vand) Mountain.

Ab Ali Ski Resort is the oldest ski resort in Iran which equipped by Tele-cabin on 1953.

The Length of ski area is about 250 Meters and it has a chair lift too.

Iranian ski would like to notify that modern ski in Iran was born in Ab Ali (آبعلی - Ab-ali) ski resort.

Ski area located at altitude 2650 to 2400 meters.

Telephone number Tehran ski society: 0098-21-77847666-7

Iran Ski Guide Center estimate that skiing in this area is possible from late of December to late of February.

we contacted with Damavand ski society recently and they inform us that ski area is not active right now and need time to come more snow. (December)

It is obvious that weekend holidays are more crowded in all ski resort especially near Tehran so we recommend that skiing in this area from Saturday to Wednesday.

Hotel/ Hostel in Ab Ali Area

There is not hotel or hostel in Ab Ali Ski area and you have to go to Gilavand (گیلاوند- Gi- laa-vand) near Damavand which has a hotel. Gilavand Hotel price is about 1,200,000 RLS for one room /per double bed.

Also, it is better to find couchsurfing in near cities such as Rude-hen (رودهن- Roo-da-hen) and Damavand.

Prices of Ski in Ab Ali

Ab Ali Ski Resort fee is about 400,000 RLS/ per person.

Working time: from 9:00 AM – 16:00 PM.

Rental ski equipment price start from 900,000 RLS and it depends on your needs.

At Ab Ali ski school, some ski instructors are ready to teach for beginners for paying 350,000 RLS / per hour.

Accessibility to The Ab Ali Resort

Iranian Ski will describe various ways to access Ab Ali ski Resort as follows and it is up to you to choose the best way according your priorities.

The first way is using subway as cheapest option inside city you could choose Nobonyad (نوبنیاد- No-Bon-Yaad) or Ghaem (قائم -Ghaa-EM) metro stations as your destination, then take a taxi directly to Ab Ali ski resort.

This road will take about 65 km and the price is about 1,000,000 RLS for a charter car if you are 4 persons you will take a charter car and share whole price for every person.

Also if you are less than 4 persons you can find another traveler to complete your car’s capacity.

It is impossible to take a Snapp or Tap30 around Ab Ali ski resort; because it is out of defined area for Snapp application.

The second way is hitchhiking step by step from rude-hen road to Ab Ali area.

For the third way you have to go to the Pardis (پردیس - Par- Dis) city from Nobonyad square (beside Nobonyad station) where is closer than Tehran to Ab Ali ski resort.

The final way is get a bus from Farhang-sara (فرهنگسرا - Far-Hang-Saraa) metro station to Rude-hen destination with 30,000 RLS per person. It will take more time than a car because of several stop on your way.

After that you can go from Rude-hen to Ab Ali resort in 20 minutes by taxi.

Last option has taxi too which is faster than bus and more comfortable. Taxi price is about 100,000 RLS per person.

Weather of Ab Ali, Damavand, Iran

There are useful online resources to checking current weather situation on this ski resort as follow links:

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