Darbandsar Ski Resort

Darbandsar Ski Resort is positioned near to others Tehran City skies area such as Dizin ski resort as well as Shemshak Ski Resort.

It is established on 1982 and Ski season start from early December to late March in this area.

Darbandsar Ski Resort is situated at an altitude 2,600 and 3,050 meters.

Currently, only one peak as Sar-Lu (سرلو) has been activated due to enough snow for skiing and other area of Darbandsar Ski Resort will opened later.

It has one Tele-cabin (cable car) and three Télésièges (chairlift).

There is capability to hire ski equipment with price around 900,000 RLS in this ski resort.

This ski resort is the only one which has a snow maker, but it is applicable when the weather goes lower than -5 Celsius.

Darbansar area became international ski resort on 2008 and held winter games match there.

Besides the beginner schools is available in this ski resort too.

Moreover, near to this region you will find attractive places such as Tal-Tange (تل تنگه) of darbansar which has a waterfall.

There is 4 km distance by car to reach mentioned waterfall.

Darbandsar ski resort Tel: +98 21 26 525 177 - to talk with manager use extension number 1.

Price of Darbandsar Skiing

Skiing price include Tele-cabin transfer and it is 880,000 RLS per person.

Buying online ticket is available through bellow link:

Iranian Ski Guide Center contacted with Darbandsar Ski Resort office and they informed us about ID card to enter in this ski resort if you send your copy of passport and one picture of yourself at least one week before arriving there, you will receive a card to able use ski resort for long term.

But tourism could make arrange with Darbandsar office two or three days before to come there and skiing in this area without ski ID card.

it is strongly suggested that to call Darbandsar's office directly or through your tour leader to arrange your plan.

Accessibility to The Darbandsar

The first step to access Darbandsar Ski Resort is taking a taxi from Tehran-Pars 4th square to Fasham or Meygun.

The price would be around 60,000 RLS to 100,000 RLS per person and you should take a taxi again from Meygun or Fasham to Darbansar ski resort.

Snapp doesn’t work in Darbansar, Meygun or Fasham area.

There is also possible to get a bus from Haghani terminal (situated on Haghani metro station – Line 1- red line) to Tehran-pars 4th square.

You will arrive to Darbandsar ski resort about 1 hour later if road is open. There is also Tehran-pars metro station (line 2-blue line) near to Tehran-pars 4th square.

Hotel /Hostel Darbandsar Area

Iranian Ski recommend Shemshak hotel as nearest place to Darbandsar ski resort to stay.

It will take about 5 minutes by car from Darbandsar ski resort.

Room price is 2,950,000 RLS for double bed with breakfast and also if you book a room from Saturday to Wednesday you will get 20% discount.

Darbandsar Weather

Checking Darbandsar ski resort weather is possible through follow links:

Iranian Ski Guide Center firmly suggest that check with Darbandsar ski resort before attending there.

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