Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin Ski Resort is the first international ski resort in Iran which is located in north of Tehran City.

They have been held international winter champions in Dizin ski resort too.

It has constructed on 1969 during Pahlavi era and has four Tele cabins (gondola or cable car), two Télésièges (chairlift), 9 surface lifts, two hotels, 19 cottages and five restaurants.

Moreover, one grass ski resort has been added to this area on 1992.

It is located at an altitude between 2650 up to 3600 meters on Alborz mountain and its high altitude make it as one of the highest ski resort in the world.

Furthermore, two piste are for snowboarding as "U" and Park pistes, beginner piste, grass piste and professional piste are also active.

The snow quality of Dizin ski resort is great for skiing and snowboarding.

Accessibility to Dizin

Usually skiers use Chalus road to reach Dizin ski resort. If you used public transportation you would get on Tehran metro to Karaj metro station on line 5 (green line) as your destination which is the nearest metro station to Chalus road.

After that, take a taxi for your final destination and after passing 70 km you have to exit from Chalus road to Velayat Rud Village; then you will find Gajereh Region and finally Dizin Ski Resort.

Next way to go is not routine but it is possible to get on metro line 3 (light blue), then get off on Qaem (Ghaem) metro station and take a taxi or Snapp to the ski area. This second way take about 1 hour and 58 minutes from metro station.

It seems that second option is closer to Tehran than first one; but most of the time it will be closed due to heavy snow as well as Shemshak to Dizin route will be blocked.

Furthermore, second option has traffic congestion because lots of people are traveling especially on weekend to the north cities of Iran.

Moreover, public transport means are available from Tehran to Shemshak such as minibus or bus with Fasham destination, the benefit is more affordable than taxi, so you have to use east terminal.

Note: undoubtedly Sanpp is useful application to visit metropolises in Iran easier and cheaper than other types of taxi but it will work properly if the area is out of Tehran.

Dizin Ski resort Hotels

First of all, you can book a room in Dizin hotel then keep going your way to skiing area in Ski resort of Dizin.

Dizin hotel Tel: 0098-26-35 21 2978 - 0098-26 35 21 2979

Gajereh hotel Tel: 0098-935-3836810, Room price: 2,100,000 RLS / double bed

Dizin Ski Resort Tel: 0098-263-5215041-5

Hostel in Dizin

There is a hostel as seven hostel in your way to Dizin resort on Velayat rud village which you can reserve it.

Meanwhile, there are some house which you can hire them with reasonable prices.

Dizin Ski Resort Prices

Saturday to Tuesday-Entrance fee for skiing  : 990,000 RLS.

Wednesday to Friday-Entrance fee for skiing : 1,190,000 RLS

Entrance fee as visitor from Saturday to Tuesday: 380,000 RLS.

Entrance fee as visitor from Wednesday to Friday: 490,000 RLS

Iranian ski equipment is available to hire on this ski resorts.

Dizin Ski Resort Weather

You can check Dizin ski resort weather on Islamic republic of Iran ski federation or snow forecast websites with following links:

Also, there are various sources to check Dizin resort weather before attending there such as snow forecast and Accuweather websites too; but Iranian Ski Guide Center strongly suggest that check with Dizin resort by make a call.

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