Nesar Ski Resort

Nesar Ski Resort is located Kurdistan (کردستان- Kor-Des-Taan) city as well as on Nesar Mountain area.

This area is well-known for its scenery and its carpet.

Nesar Ski Resort had equipped by chairlifts, ski lift as well as a snow groomer.

The Length of ski area is about 250 meters and established on 2009.

Iranian ski would like to notify that Nesar (نسار- Ne-Saar) ski resort has also grass ski piste with 330 meters length.

Telephone number of Kurdistan Ski Society Chief: 0098-918-8777682

Ski area located at altitude 2000 to 2250 meters.

Iran ski Guide Center considered skiing time from November to late of March in this ski resort.

Usually, Nesar ski resort active most of the time in winter due to cold weather in this area.

Hotel in Nesar Area

Bame Iran Hotel situated near to Nesar resort and it is 30 minutes by walk and 4 minutes by taxi.

Hotel price start from 750,000 RLS/ room with single bed to 1,400,000 RLS for three passengers.

Bame Iran Hotel Tel: 0098-87 3823 3160

It could be arranging a couchsurfing in Bijar city and also it is beneficial to stay with locals while Nesar ski resort stick to the city.

Prices of Ski in Nesar

Nesar Ski resort entrance fee is about 100,000 RLS/ per person.

Ski lift transfer price is about 200,000 RLS to 350,000 RLS.

Working time is from 8:00 AM to 16:00 PM on weekend and usually other days are closed.

Rental ski equipment price start from 800,000 RLS and it depends on your needs.

Accessibility of Nesar Area, Kurdistan, Iran

Iranian Ski recommends follow ways to reach Nesar ski resort:

If we consider, you want to come Bijar from Tehran City we will suggest that using bus or flight. You can choose Sanandaj destination for both of them.

Surly, bus is affordable choice and it will take about 6 hours and it depends on bus route. Bus ticket price is about 440,000 RLS to 470,000 RLS for each person.

Different bus lines are available from Azadi (آزادی- A-ZA-di) terminal which is located on the west of Tehran and close to the Azadi square (میدان آزادی- Mey-Dan-e A-Za-Di) metro station.

Note: please check with bus lines your destination as Bijar city (Kurdistan province) before buying ticket because some route will not pass through Bijar city.

If you like to go with domestic flights through Mehrabad Airport, you will buy ticket around 2,200,000 RLS for each person and it will take about 1 hour.

After that, the distance between Bijar and Sanandaj city (capital city of Kurdistan) is about 140 km and it will take 2 hours by car.

Finally, you could access Nesar ski resort through Zanjan city , Hamedan city or even Kermanshah city too.

Weather of The Nesar Resort

There are useful online resources to checking current weather situation on this ski resort as follow links:

Features of Kurdistan Ski Resort

Nesar ski resort is alongside the Bijar city so you will access all facilities inside city faster rather than other ski resorts. However, this area has mineral waters which are interesting for local people and tourists.

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