Pooladkaf Ski Resort

Pooladkaf ski resort is one of the international Iranian ski resort not only is placed on the south of Iran but also located in the Sepidan (سپیدان - Se-Pi-Daan) city near to Shiraz.

Sepidan County is positioned within 85 km north-western of Shiraz city.

It has opened in 2002 by Pooladkaf (پولاد کف- Pulaad-Kaf) industrial group.

The ski season starts from December until March every year in this ski area.

This area is part of Zagros (زاگرس) Mountains and Pooladkaf ski resort is at an altitude 2850 meters.

There is a Minibob (مینی باب- Mini-Bob) activity is suggested for beginners who want to snow-tubing on snow rather than skiing.

Pooladkaf ski resort has fast-food restaurant, cafe and Iranian traditional food restaurant.

Ski equipment rental in Iran are available to hire on this ski resorts.

There are more activities for you as tourism such as zip-line, cycling, horse riding, ATV motorcycling, carting and... etc. but all of them is not available on winter.

You can just use snow mobile which is kind of motorcycle for riding on snow and the price is 530,000 RLS/ per person.

Pooladkaf Complex Phone: +98 71 36 35 32 44

Pooladkaf Resort Price

In fact, Skiing price include chairlift transfer fee; so Tele-cabin (تله کابین) (chairlift) transfer price is 660,000 RLS / per person on Friday and other days is 400,000 RLS/ per person.

The price of using Minibob is 180,000 RLS/ Per Person for two hours.

Food price depends on your choices but it starts from 200,000 RLS up to 500,000 RLS for each portion.

Flight price from Tehran to shiraz is 3,000,000 to 5,500,000 RLS per person and depends on airline and times.

Bus ticket price from Tehran to shiraz is about 700,000 RLS and from Tehran to Isfahan city is about 320,000 RLS and also bus ticket price from Isfahan to shiraz is 430,000 RLS/per person.

Most of buses are VIP as Scania or Volvo brands and it has 25 chairs in each buses.

Pooladkaf Hotel /Hostel

Hotel room price is 3,050,000 RLS / double bed with view to Pooladkaf ski resort.

Also if you preferred to choose mountains view, you would pay 2,700,000 RLS / double bed and surly it is cheaper than ski resort view.

Phone number of hotel: 071-36258025 / 09176015053 / 09174111197

It is likely to stay in shiraz city with a lot of options for both hostels and hotels as well as couchsurfing.

Accessibility to Pooladkaf

You can access either Pooladkaf resort from Shiraz through Sepidan Road or Shiraz to Isfahan city Road.

Iran ski guide center would like to inform you that there is a gap between Pooladkaf ski resort and main Sepidan Road so Iranian ski would recommend that using buses from Shiraz city on Kar-Andish terminal (پایانه کاراندیش) to Yasuj (یاسوج) destination then get off on Sepidan City.

You can take a taxi from Sepidan to Pooladkaf ski resort; it is about 5 minutes by car and it will cost about 100,000 RLS (charter car).

Moreover, if you decided to come this area from Tehran City, you would come through Mehrabad Airport to Shiraz or take a bus from South terminal of Tehran to Isfahan then to the Shiraz through Yasuj city to Pooladkaf ski resort but it is long way and it is not recommend for tourist.

Furthermore, it is possible to come Shiraz international airport directly from abroad.

Pooladkaf Weather

Checking Pooladkaf ski resort weather is possible with bellow links:

We strongly suggest that check with Pooladkaf ski resort before attending on ski resort by make a call.

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