Sahand Ski Resort

Sahand Ski Resort is north-western international piste in Iran and it is located on East-Azarbaijan (آذربایجان شرقی) province.

This ski area established on the top of Sahand (سهند - Sa-Hand) Mountain. The Length of ski area is about 1200 meters.

You should go Kandovan (کندوان- kan-do-vaan) village as attractive destination near to Tabriz city as well as Sahand Ski Resort during your stay in this city.

Tabriz ski society Telephone number: 0098-413-34328021

It has two ski lifts and one ski school and trainers for beginners.

Ski area located at an altitude 3000 to 3200 meters.

Hotel/ Hostel in Sahand Area

There are some places near to Sahand Ski Resort.

One of them is Shanli Residential Tourism and Recreational Complex.

Shanli (شانلی - Shaan-Li) is located on 5km away from ski resort opposite to Samar Khazan (ثمر خزان - Sa-mar-e-kha-zaan) village which is containing various amenities such as archery, tennis, pin-pong, billiard, chess, swimming pole, cycling and etc.

Not only Shanli Resort is closer to Sahand Ski Resort but also has different types of rooms to stay there.

The second option is couchsurfing or hire a house on nearest villages to the ski resort such as Matanaq (متناق - ma-ta-Naagh) or Samar Khazan.

Finally, you can choose to accommodate in Tabriz city with various type of hotels and hostels.

Iranian ski estimated that price is start from 500,000 RLS to 3,000,000 RLS per person and it depends on your choices.

Prices of Sahand Resort, Tabriz, Iran

 The ski fee in the Sahand Ski Resort is 400,000 RLS/ per person and it is open on weekend (Thursday and Friday).

The duration of using the ski area for one day is not limited and starts from morning to afternoon (from 9AM to 3PM).

There is shop which is offer rental equipment for those who wish to try at once.

The price of rental equipment starts from 1,000,000 RLS and it depends on type of ski gear.

Some person is ready to teach for beginners for paying 350,000 RLS/ per hour.

Accessibility to The Sahand Resort

If you drive and pass 51 km from Tabriz to the south direction, you will reach to Sahand Ski Resort in 1 hour by car. The price could be around 500,000 RLS as charter car.

If you want to come here from Tehran City you will have follow options:

Get a bus from the west terminal of Tehran which is located in Azadi Square to Tabriz destination.

If you want to buy flight ticket and going through Mehrabad Airport to Tabriz airport, the price is about 3,000,000 RLS to 5,000,000 RLS per person. It depends on your selected air lines and time.

Last choice could be train from Tehran Railway Station positioned in Rah-Ahan (راه آهن) Square to Tabriz train terminal with about 500,000 RLS per person.

Weather of Sahand Area

There are useful online resources to checking current weather situation on this ski resort as follow links:

Features of Sahand Resort

Iran ski guide center would like to inform you that North-Western of Iran is usually colder than other region In Iran due to lots of mountains; so it is possible to skiing in Sahand Ski Resort for 6 months of a year.

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