Tarik Darreh ski resort

Tarik Darreh Ski Resort is located near to Hamedan city.

Hamedan City was capital of Median Kings and beside ski resort, it has various ancient places.

It is belonging to Alvand (الوند) Mountains and the lowest point is located at an altitude on 2600 meters as well as highest point at an altitude on 3000 meters.

In your way to Tarik Darreh ( تاریک دره - Taa-rik-Dar-re) ski resort you will find Ganj-Nameh (گنج نامه - Ganj-Namea) tourist resort too.

The ski resort has a Tele-cabin (cable car) as well as one Télésièges (chairlift).

It has three slopes. (Two blue and one red slopes) and also this ski area is used during summer for grass skiing.

Accessibility to The Tarik Darreh

The distance is about 14 km from central city square as Imam Khomeini square by car and will take 40 minutes.

It is interesting to know that Hamedan city has a Ring road and if we consider our initial point on ring road to ski resort we will reach rapidly to our destination within less than 30 minutes.

Snapp works around Tarik Darreh ski resort because it is in defined area for the mentioned application but you can take a taxi too from Hamedan as best option.

Taxi price start is about 200,000 RLS (charter car) from Hamedan city to Tarik Darreh ski resort of course, getting Snapp will cost cheaper than taxi.

Hitchhiking is possible too from ring road of city.

Iranian Ski suggest that go to Hamedan by bus from West terminal on Azadi (آزادی) square in Tehran City and get off bus on Hamedan terminal.

Tarik Darreh and its surrounding area are most attractive places in central of Iran.

Ski Prices at Tarik Darreh

Hamedan to Tehran will cost 240,000 RLS to 400,000 RLS depends on type of bus and it will take about 4 hours.

Rental Ski equipment in Iran is possible with 2,550,000 RLS/ per day.

Ski fee for each person is about 300,000 RLS to 350,000 RLS.

Hotel/ Hostel at Tarik Darreh, Hamedan

There is not hotel in Tarik Darreh ski resort and it is better to book your hotel or hostel in Hamedan; because there are various types of hotel and hostels and Tarik Darreh is near to city.

Furthermore, according Iranian ski federation information, there is a place to stay on city which is belong to Iranian sport ministry as Farhad Sports Residential Complex (مجموعه ورزشی فرهاد).

Farhad Sports Residential Complex has a hostel with price 250,000 RLS for one bed and also there are some private rooms which start prices from 400,000 RLS per person but rooms have double bed and more.

Chief of Hamedan Ski convention is Mr. Gohari with cellphone number: 0098-918-111-3844

You can call him and reserve room or bed on Farhad Sports Residential Complex at least one week before your trip.

Iran Ski Guide Center recommend to find Couchsurfing on Hamedan city because ski resort is near of city.

Weather of Tarik Darreh

There are useful online resources to checking current weather situation on this ski resort as follow links:

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